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Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Orbie Pullen Photography

5 Questions To Ask About Full-Service Wedding Planning

  • Do you want a gorgeous Napa wedding, but you don’t know where to start? Let us plan the hassle-free wedding of your dreams.
  • Are you a busy executive who doesn’t have time to plan every detail but wants a beautiful and laid-back luxurious wedding? Envision the perfect event with our help and guidance, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Have you decided to hire someone to plan your big day, but you don’t know which wedding planning services you need?
  • Do you need to plan multiple-destination weddings with events in several locations? Start with Blissful Events, and we’ll handle it from there.
  • Does the thought of planning your wedding stress you out or make you feel overwhelmed? We can handle every detail, and you can be involved with any aspect you choose, from flowers to music, food to the photographer.
Full Service Wedding Planning in Napa, California

Event by Blissful Events. Photos by Annamae Photo

5 Types Of Couples Who Need Full-Service Wedding Planning

a full-service wedding planner in California

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Orbie Pullen Photography.

Destination couples

Have you visited Napa or Sonoma or dreamed about it and want to make those dreams your nuptial reality? If so, Blissful Events has the boots on the ground and more than a decade of experience in planning luxury wine country weddings.

Busy professional couples

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a busy executive, and you understand the value of your time—and someone else’s time. Hiring full-service wedding planning professionals like Blissful Events is the easiest way to get the job done.

Not-into-details couples

Some couples sometimes want to embrace the romantic time of being engaged. If you and your partner want to revel in the joy of calling each other “finance” without the stress of negotiating vendor contracts, we’ve got you. We’ll help define your vision of the perfect day and figure out your highest priorities. Then, you can plan the parts of the wedding that will bring you joy (hello cake tasting!), and we’ll handle the rest.

Multi-event wedding couples

Some couples host multiple events in different locations because of family obligations, interfaith traditions, or other reasons. Blissful Events leverages Napa Wedding Planner Samar Hattar’s professional network as a board member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) to plan international events. Samar will learn all about you as a couple and apply that to your other events as well, along with her global network.

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Orbie Pullen Photography.

a full-service wedding planner in California

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Chrisman Studios.

Outside-the-Box Couples

Some couples have a vision that can’t be found in traditional wedding venues and stores. Some ideas can’t be done with standard event planning and the couples have no idea how to make it happed. That’s were we come in. With over 15 years as a Napa wedding planner, we specialize in curating customized and deeply personal weddings that authentically reflect who you are as a couple.

3 Steps To Hiring A Full-Service Wedding Planner


Step 1. Make an appointment

Schedule a time to chat with Blissful Events so you can speak with Napa Wedding Planner Samar Hattar and her team of planners. She’ll get a feel for you as a couple and learn your personalities, budget, and the full scope of your wedding planning needs. Call us at 415-497-2280.


Step 2. Create Your Wedding Vision

Work with full-service wedding planner Samar to dream up the ultimate wedding experience. We’ll get to know your top priorities and bring your big day to life.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Big Day and Get Married

Spend a hassle-free wedding day enjoying each other and your families and friends, and leave the details to Blissful Events as your full-service wedding planning team.

What You Get With Full–Service Wedding Planning

Here’s How We’ll Plan Your Full-Service Wedding

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Chrisman Studios.

Your Style, Your Wedding

Inspire us with your vision and style, and we’ll build a design that reflects you! We will work with you to discover your personalities, desires, and wedding vision. Then we’ll use those personal details to plan a stunning wedding, including color scheme, theme, floorplan, linens, flowers, décor, lighting, and more.

Budget Maximization

We’ll treat your budget like our own and help you choose the design components that matter most. Our team will also negotiate with vendors, monitor payment schedules, and assist you in maximizing your investment.

Online Planning Tool

You’ll get access to a private online planning tool that gives you 24/7 access to budget information, bookkeeping, design ideas, vendor contacts, and more.

We dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s

You’re already signing a contract (a big one!) with your partner. So, leave the other agreements to us. We’ll proofread contracts from all your vendors and venues to ensure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.

Get your palate ready

We’ll set up tastings and help you develop your menu, with wines and craft beers that pair beautifully with breath-taking desserts and dishes that fit your wedding vision and will delight you and your guests.

Rhea and Sean Wedding

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Chrisman Studios.

Here’s What To Expect On Your Wedding Day

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Emily Scannell Photography.

Wedding Schedule

We’ll make a timeline for the wedding before the big day and then execute it on the day of the wedding. Then we’ll work with your vendors to make sure everyone comes on time, does their job, and the day goes as planned.

Full-service on-site coordination

On the day of your wedding, your only job is to get married, be in love, and smile at each other in a way that inspires awe with a tinge of jealousy. Leave the rest up to us with on-site coordination on the day of the wedding.

Behind the scenes

We’re on the scene helping guests and the wedding party as needed. You can find us guiding guests to the next activity or introducing ourselves to grandma. Behind the scenes, we’re focused on making sure your wedding flows seamlessly without your attention, so you can focus on the people who matter more than the florist’s arrival time.

On our wedding day, Samar was both everywhere and invisible.

Chris & Max

She helped us make intangibles, tangible.

Jocelyn & Danny

Lights, camera, and love

We’ll walk you and your wedding party and officiant through the flow of the ceremony during your rehearsal and fine-tune as needed. No need to try to memorize the order of who is walking down the aisle when. We’ll be there to ensure that every step is a smooth one.

The final details

Based on the contracts and plans we’ve created and agreed to, we’ll distribute final payment to vendors, including tips, and settle all financial matters. We’ll gather any remaining items at the end of the night, such as the cake knife and server, guest book, and other important personal details.

Full Service Wedding Planner in Napa, California

Event by Blissful Events. Photo by Romantically Photography.

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