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Design & wedding planning services

Blissful Events offers both full service wedding planning and design services for our clients in California’s beautiful Wine Country.  Offering a combination of creative services and practical planning, you’ll find we offer your wedding that is both beautiful and relaxing.

Working with an exclusive set of clients each year, every Blissful Events client experiences an in-depth level of service, intensively creative outcome and a truly amazing wedding day executed by the very best wedding planner in Wine Country.  Many of our clients are from outside of Wine Country.  Destination weddings are our specialty, offering a divine outcome for our wedding clients, no matter where they live.






wedding planning

As a wedding planner, we help you with every last detail of your wedding from developing your vision and theme, creating a budget, finding the right venue and perfect vendors.

We will walk you through all of it, one step at a time in a way that is joyful and relaxing.

We are there from the start, at the rehearsal and on site with you on your wedding day to make sure your vision is carried out just perfectly.


Creating a day that is effortless and flows perfectly takes strategic planning from an event manager who knows what it takes to execute your wedding vision without any mistakes.

It’s our goal that your wedding flows beautifully and that you and your guests feel as though every moment morphs into the next without any stress.

The Blissful Events team will create a schedule for the event, working with all of your vendors and ensuring that everyone arrives on time, does exactly as they have been hired to do and the day simply works.

Budget Management

Whether your budget is $60,000 or $600,000, managing your expenses can be a stressful part of planning your wedding.

With years of experience managing the finer details of wedding budgets and ensuring our clients get the best value and quality for their dollar, the Blissful Events team will manage your budget as though it is our own money.

We will help you set a budget that prioritizes the elements key to your design vision, negotiate with vendors, confirm your payment schedules are up to date and help ensure that everything you invest in is perfectly executed to meet your vision.

Design Plan

We will work with you to uncover your personalities, desires and deepest vision for your wedding day.  Taking those intimate findings and creating a beautiful wedding design for you is our specialty.

You’ll be able to imagine, feel and help design the details of your wedding day with Blissful Events so that every magical moment of your wedding day is breathtaking and divinely thought out.

Presenting fabrics, flowers, colors, textures and elements to you is one of the most joyful moments of planning a wedding.  And sharing this with our clients never grows old.

Guest Experience

We know that an important part of your wedding is having the people that you love around you and having them love the experience of being there. That’s why you’ll find us guiding guests to the next activity or introducing ourselves to grandma.

Behind the scenes, we’re focused on making sure your wedding flows seamlessly without your attention, so you can focus on the people who matter more than the florist’s arrival time.

Foodie's Paradise

Hosting a wedding in California’s Wine Country is a foodie’s paradise.  With the best produce in the country, one of the most fun parts of wedding planning in this part of the world is choosing your menus, wines and desserts.

Blissful Events takes menu selection, wines, craft beers and beautiful desserts very seriously, and we’ll hold your hand to ensure you choose the very best of a wide selection of vendors providing sumptuous feasts that will delight you and your guests.

Get your palette ready!

Destination Planning

Because so many couples from around the world love traveling to California’s Wine Country for their wedding, Destination Weddings have become our specialty.

Working with you, no matter where you live, on every detail, uncovering hidden gems, executing your wedding day vision… we will be there for you every step of the way.

We’ll meet with you using technology, communicate with you no matter where you are located, and provide you with the best insider knowledge!


The beautiful Wine Country Weddings designed and executed by Blissful Events showcase a stunning array of winery wedding ideas to inspire your wedding planning.  The beautiful backdrop of California’s Wine Country means you have the best of nature on your doorstep, not to mention delicious food, decadent wines and stunning weather year round.


When you’re planning a destination wedding, knowing the ins and outs of the location are that much harder than if you were a local.  With insider knowledge of some of the most luxurious wedding details in the California Wine Country area, Blissful Events can transform your destination wedding into a dream come true – even if you’re not a California local.

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